What are Movement Breaks and Why You Need Them
Learn what movement breaks are, how to do them during your day, and the benefits of regular active breaks.
March 31, 2021

What are movement breaks and why you need them

An active lifestyle starts with movement breaks.

Unfortunately, we’re becoming more sedentary every day. Look no further than the warning on Netflix that says “Are you still watching?”. We spend long hours motionless…

The statistics on sitting are alarming: The average adult sits for 12 hours every day.

With that much sitting, even the recommended 150 minutes of vigorous exercise isn’t enough to reverse the harmful effects of sitting.

If sitting all day is the problem, then movement breaks are the solution.

Getting active doesn’t have to mean a full daily workout routine right away. Any movement is good movement!

In this article you’ll learn what movement breaks are, how to add movement breaks to your day, and the benefits of moving more. Let’s get started!

What are movement breaks?

Movement breaks are short periods of time spent moving throughout your day—typically every 1-2 hours. Movement breaks can include stretching, walking, or light exercises that counteract the effects of prolonged sitting or sedentary tasks like desk work.

Movement break examples

There’s all kinds of movement breaks. The best movement break depends on what works for you.

Try to choose movements you can easily fit into your schedule and environment—the better it fits, the more likely you’ll keep it up!

Some movement break examples are:

These are just some examples of active breaks. Get creative with your movement breaks and find the activities that work best for you.

How to add movement breaks to your day

Movement breaks don’t need to be daunting and time-consuming workouts.

Even the smallest movements can have positive effects on your day-to-day health.

Here’s some tips for adding movement breaks to your day:

Start Small

When it comes to movement breaks, every movement counts. Start with small activities every hour and work your way up as you start to form your healthy habit.

For example: your first week could just be walking to the kitchen and back, the next week it could be going up and down the stairs once, the week after you could try 10 squats.

Working your way up not only helps to keep you motivated, it also adds variety so you don’t get bored of your movement breaks.

Aim for every hour

To get the best results from your movement break routine, try to do a movement break every hour.

It can be tough to remember your movement breaks, especially when you’re just getting started. Use a daily fitness app to set active break reminders.

Make it a habit

Making movement breaks a habit is the best way to stay motivated and keep your active streak going.

But how do you make it a habit? Easy. Turn your active breaks into a game and reward yourself for keeping it up!

PlayFitt is the fitness game app that turns your active breaks into a game. Get reminders to move, track your active breaks throughout the day, earn rewards and make daily movement breaks a habit.

Movement break benefits

Movement breaks have tons of benefits. But some of the most obvious benefits of being more active are:

The benefits of movement breaks are different for everyone. The only way to find out what yours are is to add more movement to your day.

Make your move with movement breaks

We all have to sit sometimes. But too much could be hurting you.

Break up your sitting time! Start small with realistic movement breaks and start enjoying the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

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