The Best Fitness Tracking App: PlayFitt
PlayFitt is the free fitness game that automatically tracks your movements like steps, squats, push-ups and more! Lead a healthier and happier lifestyle with the best free fitness app.
September 28, 2020
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To start, let’s make clear what a fitness tracking app is. To me, it’s an application that you download to your phone that measures your “fitness” activities to a certain degree. They are designed to keep you healthy and active by tracking what you do on a daily basis. Now, believe me, I’ve tried my fair share of these applications and I will be the first to tell you that I am skeptical. I don’t see how constantly checking your fitness statistics is going to make you a more well person. Because realistically, it doesn’t matter whether you took 5,001 or 5,123 steps today. Health shouldn't be based on a number; it should be based on how you feel. I’ve seen too many people fall into an unhealthy obsession with their fitness tracking app. While we should be conscious of our health, we shouldn’t be so conscious that it affects our mental health in a harmful way.

What I have learned from working at PlayFitt is that our relationships with fitness tracking apps can be different. There doesn’t have to be an unhealthy obsession. Bettering our health can in fact be fun (cliche, I know). What makes PlayFitt different is that it turns everyday exercise into a game. The app detects your steps, stairs, squats, pushups, and movement breaks and then your movements are rewarded with our form of in-app currency called Grit. We’re all about building technology that you enjoy, but that is also good for you. PlayFitt makes movement just as fun as your favorite video game or as routine as scrolling through social media! Let’s go through some of the coolest features:

1. While Playing, You’re Building HEALTHY habits

I want to put emphasis on the word healthy, because I would argue that other fitness tracking apps create unhealthy habits. I also thought habits took years to build. PlayFitt proved me wrong. When the right motivators are in place, habits can be formed in a matter of weeks.

The awesome thing about PlayFitt is that the technology is able to accurately detect whether or not you are actually doing the movement. If you’re not, your movement won’t count. This way you’re able to hold yourself accountable and truly build lasting healthy habits. This is the ultimate goal!

2. You’re able to Challenge Yourself

You may not think that doing 10 pushups a day is a challenge, but boy was I proved wrong! Each day you have 5 missions to complete: squats, pushups, steps, flights, and movement breaks (we call them missions, but they’re really goals). The more you complete, the more Grit you earn. Not only are you able to challenge yourself daily, but also weekly. Once you hit certain rep intervals of a movement in the week (i.e. 50 squats, 100 pushups, 10,000 steps) you get a bonus reward! There’s always a new interval to hit so you are able to consistently push yourself. Missions keep your exercise consistent and bite-size. Keeping the exercises bite-size is key to finding the motivation to complete them.

3. You’re competing with other PlayFitters

Like other fitness tracking apps, we have a leaderboard. But, our leaderboard is a bit different. Rather than competing with everyone on the app, you are automatically placed with people who are at your level. This way you have more of a chance of making it to the top! It’s always more motivating knowing that you actually have a chance to place because you are among fair competition. We also have a feature where you can make groups with your friends so that you can actively compete against them (which is a great form of motivation). Whether you want a little friendly competition or a support system, being able to connect with friends helps you stay on top of your movement.

4. Build habits by hitting your streak

Like Snapchat, PlayFitt has a streak feature. But, instead of it being based on sending selfies to your friends, it is based on movement! To keep your streak going you have to complete at least one mission each day. This way you can keep your movement consistent which helps you make a habit of it and also allows you to have a visual representation of your progress. Watching that streak number go up every day is almost as satisfying as hot cocoa on a rainy day!

5. You get Rewarded for Bettering Yourself

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love rewards?! At PlayFitt our motto is that all movements deserve to be celebrated, no matter what it looks like! When you move, you get Grit which can be used to purchase real-life rewards in the app. We also have badges that are representations of your success and everything you’ve accomplished. I guarantee you’re going to want to keep adding more and more badges to your repertoire!


With PlayFitt, we want you to throw your fitness expectations out the window. No HIIT workouts, no cardio boot camps, and no absolutely no suffering. We believe in something called casual fitness which involves consistent movement to build habits that will last far beyond the “game”. We are creating a fitness community of motivated, supportive and non-judgemental people. So, join me and other PlayFitters on the journey to unlock your best self.

Want an app that counts your movements for you? Check out PlayFitt, the movement app that can track your squats, pushups, stairs, steps, and more! Who knew living a healthier life and building sustainable habits could be so fun?

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