Push-up Benefits: 5 Overlooked Rewards of Daily Push-ups
The benefits of push-ups aren’t as obvious as you might think. Learn 5 push-up benefits worth adding to your workout, including better posture and heart health.
February 16, 2021

Push-ups work. They’re one of the most common and effective exercises in the world of fitness.

And as long as you know how to do a push-up correctly and you’re tracking your reps with a push-up counter, there’s tons of juicy push-up benefits this easy exercise has to offer.

But what are the real benefits of push-ups?

We all know push-ups are great for building strength, but some push-up benefits aren’t as obvious as you might think...

So let’s dig in to 5 rewarding reasons you should be adding push-ups to your daily fitness plan.

1. Push-ups Improve Your Posture

Push-ups target important postural muscle chains in the body.

You need strong core and shoulder muscles to stand up straight. So strengthening the muscle groups push-ups target in your upper body will improve your balance, mobility, and help improve your posture all at the same time!

2. Push-ups Are Good For Your Heart

Working your arms and your upper body not only gets you moving, but is great for your cardiovascular system.

Exercises like push-ups don’t just strengthen common muscles, they help strengthen and engage your cardiovascular system too—which is key for overall heart health.

3. Push-ups Strengthen More Than Just Your Arms

Push-ups tone and strengthen important upper body muscle groups including your core (abdominal muscles), back muscles, shoulders and arms (biceps and triceps).

Since push-ups are done in the plank position, they also engage other muscle groups including your glutes and hamstrings.

Push-ups are a whole body workout! Like squats, push-ups are a compound exercise that targets vital muscle groups.

4. Push-ups Protect You From Injury

Did you know that your arm is only attached to your body by one joint (the acromion)?

It’s why your arm and shoulder can move in so many different ways.

It’s also why shoulder and back injuries are common and painful. Especially when most of our time is spent hunched over a screen...

So doing push-ups is the best way to strengthen your upper body and prevent shoulder injuries at the same time.

Experiencing pain while doing push-ups? Try one of the push-up variations we cover in our how to do a push-up guide to find the push-up that’s right for you.

5. You Can Do Push-ups Anywhere

No gym membership or equipment needed to do push-ups! So go ahead and do them anywhere!

Push-ups require very little space. You can even use your desk or coffee table to modify your push-up for a more beginner or advanced version.

Push-ups are a simple and easy way to get an awesome workout no matter where you are.

Enjoy the benefits of push-ups everyday!

Push-ups don’t have to be punishment!

They’re a great way to enhance your energy, improve your posture, and reach fitness goals that are actually attainable.

New to push-ups? Learn how to do a push-up properly and start enjoying the benefits today!

Already a push-up pro? Try adding squats to your practice with our how to do a squat guide.

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