Resolutions vs. Intentions: What’s Better for Your Year?
Discover the power of setting a yearly fitness intention, what they are, and how to create one that fits your fitness.
December 17, 2021
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The definition of intention is simple: “an aim that guides action”. The definition of resolution is a bit more complicated: “A firm decision to do something”.

As you can see, the definition of intention focuses on the action, while a resolution is nothing more than a decision to do something—not the way to do something…

So why, year after year, do we make the mistake of creating vague resolutions rather than setting intentions that lead to action, practices and healthy habits?

Resolutions no more! The resolution solution is setting an intention.

It’s time to learn about the power of intentions, what they mean, and how to set them for a clear, more active, and healthier year.

What are intentions vs. resolutions?

By definition, intentions are: aims that guide action; an objective.

It’s important to understand this definition as you move towards forming your own intentions. An intention should “guide action” that leads to an eventual goal or outcome.

While resolutions are simply the destination, an intention frames the outcome but also provides you with a roadmap for how to get there.

A resolution is often goal-based: “my resolution is to lose 5 pounds”, or “my resolution is to be able to run 10 miles without stopping, before September.”

While these are great goals, they are in the future, making them abstract and far away from where you are right now. This can lead to intimidation, frustration and even quitting.

Do it intentionally

Intentions, on the other hand, are guiding principles.

They’re often simple and can motivate all types of day-to-day habits. But most importantly, they inform the here and now, rather than an abstract moment in the future.

An intention is something you succeed at every day, every minute, and every second you allow them into your life.

A good fitness intention will also help you identify movements that are already part of your routine and help you do them intentionally with your new guiding principle.

How to set fitness intentions that work

Setting an intention is easiest when you consider it as a holistic guiding principle for you and your fitness.

Try to work backwards from some specific goals you might have and think broader about what kind of intention can help you embark on that goal today and long into the future.

Remember, the simpler the better…

Fitness intention examples

Some examples of fitness intentions include:

Any resolution or specific fitness plan you might have in the future could easily fit within one of these intentions. Focussing on the intention allows you to act right now and in the future.

Rewarding moments arrive faster. You’re able to see all movement and fitness as an extension of an intention that remains close all year.

Doing it intentionally

A movement intention will help you move more intentionally. That might sound silly, but let me explain…

With a broad intention like “I move more”, even movements you were already doing everyday—like taking the stairs, walking your pet, or gardening—become an extension of your intention.

With your intention, you are able to do them more deliberately and help yourself feel better about not only the movements you’re going to add to your days, but also the ones you already do.

Moving intentionally has the power to re-shape how you see your entire lifestyle. All movements, big and small, become important.

How to know the fulfillment of your intention

Now that you’ve moved away from a singular goal or resolution and found an intention that’s always right now, it’s important you give yourself the ability to celebrate the movements you’re doing intentionally.

Once your intention is set, start by being conscious towards your normal daily actions. Track your normal movements and highlight how they are extensions of your intentions.

It will help you understand what movements are available to you, and what other fitness you may want to add to feel your new guiding power of intention.

Extensions of intentions

Intentions can shape and empower all aspects of your lifestyle if you let them.

They are guiding lights always there to help you move through moments in the best way available.

So this time, set an intention that will ride with you all year—and beyond.

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