5 Easy Ways to Fix Your Exercise Boredom
Learn why workouts can be so boring and how to cure your exercise boredom with 5 simple tips to make your fitness more fun.
April 7, 2021

Let’s face it, exercise is boring. It’s incredibly easy to fall into a repetitive, mind-numbing and uninteresting workout rut if you’re not careful. Even the best daily workout plans can get stale and boring.

Exercise boredom is why it’s so hard to stay motivated, stick to a routine, and avoid burning out on your exercise practice.

But there’s hope! Avoiding exercise boredom is possible. It just takes a bit of creativity…

In this article you’ll learn what causes exercise boredom and how to fix it, so you can keep your fitness interesting and engage your mind and body in some helpful ways.

Why is working out so boring?

Here’s 5 of the most common reasons exercise is boring:

1. Exercise is boring because it’s repetitive

The problem: Traditional exercise often means doing the same movements over and over.... and over. It’s what helps you structure our workouts and target important muscle groups.

But unfortunately repetition is boring. Your brain thrives on variety and new experiences.

The solution: Vary what types of exercises you do, how many reps you’re doing and when in your day you’re doing them.

It sounds simple, but taking time to revisit your workout plan and shake things up a bit will help you bust your workout rut.

If you’re doing 15 push-ups at 10AM every… single… day… you’re probably going to burnout on 10AM push-ups.

Always discover new movements, add them in at different times of the day and vary your reps to keep your routine fresh and engaging.

2. Exercise is boring because it’s lonely

The problem: Exercising alone all the time is pretty uninteresting. Getting all your reps by yourself is great if it works for you.

But if your exercise plan is always alone time, workouts get lonely, uninspiring and boring.

The solution: Balance your solitary workouts with activity that connects you to others.

Walking, jogging, yoga or sports are a few activities that can provide a more connected and communal experience for your fitness.

Solitary workouts can be connected too. Gamified fitness apps let you challenge friends and family so even your solo workouts are shareable.

Plus, a little friendly competition is a great way to avoid the lonesome boredom of exercise and inject a little motivation into your workout routine.

3. Exercise is boring because it’s work

The problem: Exercise is hard work. Without a clear “end” or reward it’s easy to get bored and give up.

Plus there’s a ton of other interesting things you’d rather be doing like playing video games or watching TV. Those aren’t hard, and they provide instant entertainment that fitness can sometimes lack.

The solution: Make your exercise fun and more rewarding. Without a clear reward system, your brain struggles to stay engaged and motivated with activities like working out.

The best way to make your fitness less work and more fun is to track your reps, set goals, make fitness a game, and create a reward system for your exercise.

Working out feels less like work when your fitness is a game. Try adding a riveting layer to your workouts with fitness that’s playable and enjoyable all at the same time.

It’s never work as long as you’re having fun!

4. Exercise is boring because it’s silent

The problem: Outside of some heavy breathing and the squeak of your sneakers, exercising isn’t very interesting to your ears. Exercise engages other parts of your body, but not our senses.

A limited sonic palette makes the monotony of exercise way more obvious.

The solution: Make your exercise sound better!

The solution to this one is simple: If you’re able, get some good headphones, make a high energy playlist and drift away in the tones while you get your daily movement in.

Podcasts are great for zoning out your workouts too. Plus, they’re good timekeepers for knowing how long you’ve been at it.

Engaging your hearing while you work out is the perfect remedy for boring workouts and a simple way to make your fitness fun.

5. Exercise is boring because it’s always in the same place

The problem: Working out in the same place—like the gym or at home—makes exercise boring.

Doing the same workout, at the same place, at the same time, every week is monotonous, repetitive, and bland.

The solution: Take your workout off the grid.

The best part about a simple movement and fitness practice is that you can take it anywhere: a park, by the river, even in the forest with all the birds, bark and mosses.

Varying where you workout, and what you’re doing based on where you are, is a fantastic way to bust out of your fitness funk.

New scenery will keep you engaged and stimulated while you get your daily steps or reps.

Working out your workout boredom

Exercise boredom doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying all the benefits of regular exercise.

All you have to do is put some fullness in your fitness to stay engaged, motivated, healthy and happy!

So the next time your workout is feeling flat, reach for these tips to keep it fresh.

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