Join the Playfitt Earth Day Dance-a-thon 2023
Join the Earth Day Dance-a-thon and protect 50 ft² of rainforest for every minute you dance.
April 22, 2023
5 min

It’s Earth day… 

And while it’s always a time to celebrate the breathtaking beauty of our biome, it’s also time to revisit some hard truths…

We’re experiencing a climate crisis.

One of the biggest issues fueling the climate crisis is deforestation.

In 2019 alone we lost 11.9 million hectares of tropical forests. To put it in perspective, that’s about a pro soccer field of primary rainforest every 6 seconds.

At Playfitt we understand the positive power of movement. Starting today, we’re launching some exciting approaches that will help your moves make a real difference.

For Earth Day 2023 and beyond…

Playfitt Earth Day Dance-a-thon 2023

Starting on Earth Day, April 22nd, Playfitt and Rainforest Alliance are bringing you a 30 day Dance-a-thon to protect the rainforest

Every minute you dance with Playfitt will protect 50 ft² of rainforest, Earth’s most vital source of clean air, water and food.

With you and your dance moves, the goal is to protect over 200 acres of rainforest by May 22nd.

To participate just download the Playfitt app and complete your first daily dance goal.

Keep track of the Earth Day Dance-a-thon progress on the Playfitt home screen as we all dance toward that magic number of 200 acres protected!

What is the Rainforest Alliance?

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization working to create and nurture responsible practices across the business, agriculture and forestry industries. 

Through several initiatives, they’re building alliances to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promote their human rights, and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.

Rainforest Alliance Logo

Learn more about the Rainforest Alliance and the positive change their work is making globally.

Together we’re excited to make every Playfitt dance move matter more for Earth Day and beyond starting with the 2023 Earth Day Dance-a-thon and continuing with permanent donation rewards in the Playfitt shop.

How we’re making every day Earth Day

Playfitt is also adding 3 new permanent rewards to the Playfitt shop. Playfitters will now be able to earn ways to support climate impact causes with all their moves—not just dance.

Here’s what’s new in the shop: 

Protect 10000 ft² of rainforest with Rainforest Alliance 

Use your moves to protect our most vital source of air, water and food. 

Invest your coins to protect 10000 ft² of rainforest, even after the Earth Day Dance-a-thon is over.

$20 donation to Clean Air Task Force

Invest in a $20 donation to Clean Air Task Force and support their vital work to impact climate change. 

Learn more about Clean Air Task Force and how they’re driving change through policy and innovation.

Donate a beehive with Cool Earth

Use the coins you earn to donate a beehive to forest communities with Cool Earth’s global beekeeping initiatives. 

Learn more about everything Cool Earth is doing to effect change including people-power projects, forest monitoring, forest community beekeeping and more.

Playfitt’s climate-positive commitment

Here at Playfitt we’re attuned to the climate impact of creating and operating an app in today’s world. 

Manufacturing and powering servers and mobile devices creates a larger carbon footprint than you might expect…

That’s why we’re committed to offsetting our carbon footprint with the exciting new permanent rewards mentioned above.

Together with our push to get people walking more, we’re excited to accelerate towards becoming a net carbon positive app and business.

Earth Day 2023 and beyond…

For us, Earth Day is every day. 

Together with you, we’re excited to create positive climate change powered by the vital exercise we all need to live happy, healthy lives in a sustainable and climate conscious world.

Join the Earth Day Dance-a-thon now, get involved and make moves that make a difference.

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