The 5 Best Gamified Fitness Apps in 2021
Discover the best gamified fitness apps of 2021 and add the benefits of gaming to your workouts to stay motivated and have more fun with your fitness.
August 25, 2021
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It’s a fact: gamified fitness works. Your brain thrives on the rewards systems, excitement and intrigue of gaming. The best gamified fitness apps provide all of that and more.

And let’s face it, without gamifying your fitness, you’re risking a run in with that horrible motivation thief… workout boredom.

But there’s a lot of gamification apps out there. You don’t have time to go through all of them and find the best apps to gamify your workout plan. So we did it for you!

Here’s the definitive list of the 5 best gamified fitness apps in 2021. So you can gamify your workouts, have more fun with your fitness and stay more motivated.

The 5 best gamified fitness apps in 2021

Zombies, Run!

The name says it all here, Zombies, Run! Creates a world where you run… from zombies. 

Using your phone, earbuds, and the Zombies, Run! app, you hear your mission and music while you run anywhere in the world.

As you outrun the zombie epidemic, you collect supplies, rescue folks and make progress as you try to reach the last outpost. 

The app saves your progress as you advance, turning your runs into a fun and engaging story where you’re the hero.


Fun is fast with Zwift, the gamified cycling app that injects your stationary cycling training with the fun of video games.

Zwift is a gamified cycling app that pairs with your stationary cycling trainer to turn your rides into an immersive world where all your rides are an adventure.

With 10 worlds and over 130 routes, Zwift makes it possible to ride up a volcano one day, and through the streets of New York city the next.

The Zwift app also tracks your progress, connects you to the entire Zwift community of trainers and riders, and helps you reach structured goals that fit your fitness level.


Hey! It’s us! PlayFitt! PlayFitt is the daily fitness game we work on, love and improve everyday, so we had to include it on this list.

PlayFitt turns your push-ups, squats, daily steps and more into fun and refreshing gamified fitness.

Get rep counting, reminders to take movement breaks and the chance to climb the leaderboard to glory! PlayFitt’s automatic rep counter can even pair with other gamified workout apps on this list, so you can make progress even while you’re playing other games.

PlayFitt takes normal boring workouts, adds the best parts of gaming and some seriously sweet rewards, to help you move more and stay motivated in a way that’s accessible to everyone.

Even if you’re a fitness beginner, PlayFitt helps you find a workout plan that fits your fitness level. So you can build your experience at your own pace and find fitness that’s personal, welcoming and relatable.

Don’t just get fit… PlayFitt!

Ring Fit Adventure

If you’re a Nintendo Switch player, look no further than Ring Fit Adventure to turn your workouts into a totally gamified adventure.

With the help of Nintendo’s Ring-Con controller, your switch becomes your gateway to fun and fresh gamified workouts like crate crusher, squattery wheel, smack back, bank balance and thigh rider—just to name a few…

Finish missions, build your experience points and build your own custom workouts to add some adventure to your workouts.

Pokémon Go

You might remember the Pokémon Go craze that swept across the world a few years back. Well, Pokémon Go is still here, and it’s still a great way to liven up your daily steps.

Pokémon Go makes it possible to find, and catch all types of Pokémon anywhere in the real world with an augmented reality app for your phone.

Who knows… there might be a Pokémon on your street right now. The only way to know is to get up and go.

Find, catch and train Pokémon, connect with friends, and make your steps more fun with Pokémon Go.

Go get it with gaming!

Gaming gives you a green light to get up and go. Heck, you might not even realize you’re working out once you get deep into any of these gamified fitness apps.

So add all the goodness of gamified fitness to your workout plan today, and start your active adventure with a bang.

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