3 Self-Improvement Apps Using Technology for Good
Discover 3 self-improvement apps using technology for good including educational, meditation and hydration apps that fit every daily routine.
July 13, 2020
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I’m not someone who is constantly on their phone — shocking for a Gen Z, I know. But, when I am on my phone, I like to be productive. By this, I mean I enjoy using apps that are aiding my well-being in some form. Technology has had a rather negative connotation attached to it for a long time. While technology has harmful effects, it also has a plethora of positive ones that are sometimes neglected. There are a lot of apps out there that are contributing to our wellness and using technology for good. Here are 3 of my favorites:

1. Headspace

Now I am sure many of you have heard of this one— it is a leading meditation app. But for those of you who haven’t, I highly recommend you give it a try, even if you’ve never done mediation before.

When my mom first recommended it to me, I was skeptical because I didn’t see the benefit of mediation. I couldn’t see how it was possible to change your mental commentary. Despite my cynicism, I gave it a try. They have a variety of different courses to choose from: the Basics of Meditation, Coping with Cancer, Dealing with Distractions, Finding Focus, Managing Anxiety, and many more. What I love about Headspace is that there is something for everyone. No matter who you are, there is a course for you.

Not only do they have a bunch of different courses, but they also have a section on helping you sleep. They have sleep music, wind downs, sleepcasts (storytelling sessions), and soundscapes (nature sounds). You can even set a timer on how long you want the sound to play so that it doesn’t stay on all night. They also just recently added a section to help you move more which features a bunch of different live workouts and yoga sessions. Headspace is a meditation, sleep, and workout app in one!

2. Duolingo

One of the coolest apps using technology for good is Duolingo. Duolingo is a language-learning app that makes learning a new language fun and easy. Everybody always talks about wanting to learn a new language and Duolingo makes it possible. They have almost every language you can think of (they even have Navajo and Yiddish in the making!).

Essentially you choose a language, take a test to determine what level you’re at, and then start the sessions! I don’t know how they do it, but they have managed to turn a rather boring activity into something you can’t get enough of. Everything about the app is gamified, so you’re determined to keep earning badges and level up.

As they say in their app, “15 minutes a day on Duolingo can help you learn a language, what can 15 minutes a day on social media do?”. Duolingo is the epitome of using technology to better yourself!

3. Plant Nanny

Who thought tracking how much water you drink per day could be fun? I didn’t until I found this app. Plant Nanny gives you a virtual plant seed and each time you drink water, you water your plant and it grows. How cool is that?

The average man is supposed to drink about 15.5 cups of water a day, while the average woman is supposed to drink about 11.5 cups. But many people either forget or neglect it. So, Plant Nanny is a great reminder! They even found a cool way to gamify staying hydrated — you can use your coins to buy different species of plants and change your plant pot. You get attached to your cute little plant, so you’ll make sure to stay hydrated so it doesn’t die. I love apps like this that make it entertaining to keep your body and mind healthy.

To conclude, there’s plenty of apps out there that are worth your attention and they’re not Instagram or TikTok. Rather than spending hours a day scrolling through social media, try to spend your time on applications like these. I guarantee that they are just as entertaining, but also have the added bonus of improving your well-being.

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