Frequently Asked Questions

What is PlayFitt?

What is PlayFitt? PlayFitt is a fitness game that helps you be more active on a daily basis. It tracks your movements automatically. PlayFitt gives you new missions to complete every day on your homepage. The goal is to earn as many Grit coins in a Season of 7 days by completing as many missions as possible. Earn Grit The more you move, the more Grit coins you earn. You can earn Grit coins with your steps, stairs, squats and push-ups. Complete your daily missions on the homepage everyday to collect your Grit coins. Each card tells you what to do to earn the Grit coins. For step and stairs missions, just carry your phone and start moving. For squat and push-up missions, press start, put your phone in your pocket and do your squats/push-ups. Daily Missions The daily missions expire every night and new ones will take their place. You can see on the homepage how much time you have left to complete your daily missions. Don’t forget to collect your Grit coins every day when you’ve completed the mission. If you don't collect, you lose your Grit Coins for the day. You can set reminders to help you stay on track. Weekly Bonuses Throughout the week, all your activity will count towards your Weekly Bonuses. Swipe down on the home page to see the Weekly Bonuses. Make sure to collect them during the week to earn as much Grit coins as possible. You can use Weekly Bonuses to challenge yourself by trying to finish as many Weekly Bonus as possible. Marketplace In the Marketplace, you can exchange your Grit coins for rewards. Keep an eye on your Grit wallet total (top right) to know what you can get. Use your Grit coins to maximize your PlayFitt performance with digital rewards like Grit Boosts or on rewards to keep yourself motivated. You can also upgrade your app with features like Unlimited Push-ups or Unlimited Squats with in-app purchases. Leaderboard Keep track of your competition on the Leaderboard. The solo category let's you see how you rank in different categories for the week. Find your friends and family and follow them so you can build your own leaderboard. The leaderboard is a great tool to set goals for yourself like finishing in the Top 3 or taking more steps than your friends for the week.

How do I create a group and invite friends to that group?

Creating a group 1. Go to your Profile page and click on the "Create a group" orange rectangle. (If you are already in a group, leave your group first) 2. Choose a name and a picture for your group and tap create. 3. You can now invite your friends. Inviting friends to your group For friends that are already on PlayFitt: 1. Tap the "Edit" icon on the right below your group picture on your group page. 2. Tap invite friends and search for your friend by username. 3. Once you found your friend, tap their username to add them to your group. 4. Tap save. 5. Wait for your friend to accept your request. For friends that are not on PlayFitt: 1. Tap the "Edit" icon on the right below your group picture on your group page. 2. Tap share group. 3. Use text message, facebook or just use the copy-paste option to share the link anywhere to invite your friends. The link will lead your friend to install the app and will automatically invite them to your group once they sign-up.

How do I join an existing group?

Joining an existing group From an invitation: 1. Go to your Profile page. 2. Tap the envelope icon "Invites" button at the top of the page. (If you do not see one, you do not have any invites) 3. Tap accept for the group you wish to join. Request to be part of a group: 1. Go to the Leaderboard page and select the Groups leaderboard. 2. Tap on a group you wish to join. 3. Tap on the Apply To Group button. 4. Wait for you request to be accepted.

How do I delete a group?

1. Go on your Profile page. 2. Tap the orange rectangle to lead you to your group page. 3. Tap the edit icon. 4. Tape delete group. When you delete a group, other members get kicked out of that group as well.

How do I leave a group?

1. Go on your Profile page. 2. Tap the orange rectangle to lead you to your group page. 3. Tap the leave icon.

How do I make all my squats and pushups count?

Phone Placement

  • For maximum accuracy, put your phone in your back pocket while doing squats or push-ups. If you do not have back pockets, try your front pockets. If you are wearing high waisted leggings, make sure that your phone is below your waist.
  • If you do not have any pockets, try putting your phone in your waistband. The phone should rest on your back with the long side of the phone aligned with your spine.
  • If you do not have any waistband, then your last option is to put your phone in a chest strap or a bra strap.
  • Generally, the more fitted your clothes are, the better the count. Your phone will follow your movements better and will be able to count your reps more accurately.
Sound On
  • By having your sound on when you are doing your reps, you can make sure that the counter is working as you go. This can avoid waisting reps when you didn't tap the start button correctly or when you're not going deep enough for the counter to track your movements. The counter is not always perfectly synchronized as you go but will adjust once your exercise session is over.
Form And Pace
  • Make sure you are doing the movements slowly and with good form. Not only will it help get each rep counted, but it will also work your muscles more efficiently and prevent injuries. Slowing down will better isolate the muscle you’re working and make sure all the right muscles are targeted. Check out these articles for tips on how to do proper squats and push-ups.
Smaller Bites
  • Another good practice is to shorten your sessions. By doing big sessions of 75-150 reps you are increasing your chance of getting your reps miscounted. Additionally, you should avoid taking breaks while PlayFitt is recording your movements as this will affect the ability of the counter to track your reps correctly. Instead, do a couple of reps and end your workout. Take a breath and start again! As long as you are under the rep goal for the mission, you can always continue at a later time.

How do you do squats?

1. Stand with your feet should-width apart or a bit wider. 2. Extend your arms straight out in front of you to help maintain your balance. If your prefer, you can also bend your elbows and hold your hands together. 3. Sit back and down like you're sitting into an imaginary chair. Look straight ahead. Make sure your back arches slightly as you lower down instead of rounding or slouching. 4. Lower down until your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible. Make sure your knees do not go over your toes. Your weight should be balanced into your heels. 5. Push through your heels to bring yourself back up to standing position and as you do so, squeeze your glutes! 6. Repeat!

How do you do push-ups?

1. Get down on the ground with your stomach facing the ground. Hold your body up with your toes and your hands. 2. Make sure your hands are underneath your shoulders and your back and glutes are aligned as much as possible. 3. Start lowering your body towards the ground until your upper arms reach a 90-degree angle with the ground. Keep your arms aligned and close to your body. Make sure your hips are not dropping and engage your core and your glutes. 4. Raise yourself up by pushing the ground until your arms are almost fully extended. Maintain your straight body position while you go up.

I can't do regular push-ups, what should I do?

If you have difficulties with push-ups, we recommend starting with inclined push-ups to build your strength up. Choose a surface like a table or a bench to rest your arms and go through the motions as if you were on the ground. The lower the surface, the harder it will get.

Why are my squats and push-ups not counting?

1. Turn on the volume/ringer of your phone. 2. Press start on the mission. 3. Put your phone in your back pocket or waistband with the long side of your phone aligned with your spine. (NOTE: if you are wearing high waisted leggings, make sure the phone is below your waist) 4. Go slowly and listen for your phone to say "analyzing movements". (NOTE: if you do not hear this, then your reps will not register) 5. Each time you pass an interval of 3, your phone should say the number you are on. (ex. "6", "9", "12", etc.) If you are having trouble, split up the missions in smaller sets of 10 to 20. 6. Once you have done your desired number of squats or pushups, slide the button at the bottom of the screen and you will see how many you completed.

Are you available on Android?

PlayFitt will be available on Android at the end of the year 2020. We are very excited to be able to offer the app to everyone in the next year.

How do I enable pedometer access to PlayFitt?

Here is how to make sure PlayFitt has permission to track your steps and stairs from your phone: 1. Go to your Settings App. 2. Scroll down until you find PlayFitt and tap on it. 3. Make sure "Motion & Fitness" is on. (see below) If that is now turned on, check your Privacy Settings: 1. Go to the Settings app. 2. Select the Privacy menu. 3. Tap on "Motion & Fitness". 4. Make sure "Fitness Tracking" and "PlayFitt" are on. (see below)

Why is my stair count wrong?

Flights of Stairs

  • A flight of stairs, as counted by Apple Health, can be anywhere from 10-15 steps.
Take breaks
  • The way that flights are counted requires you to stay at the top and bottom of the stairs for about 30 to 60 seconds to ensure that the sensors properly track that something has changed. So, if you're going up a flight of stairs and then instantly turning around and going back down, it will not register a flight of stairs.
  • Stairs are counted using a sensor called an "altimeter" in your phone, which measures altitude changes. Therefore, using a stair master machine at the gym will NOT be counted as flights since your altitude will stay constant (but it will count towards steps). On the other hand, a walk uphill will count as a flight of stairs given the change in altitude. Use it as an opportunity to go out and enjoy some fresh air!
Best strategy
  • The best way to make your stairs count is to go up a couple of flights of stairs, stay for 30 seconds to a minute then go back down, wait for 30s-1 minute and go back up and so on and so on.
Motion & Fitness access
  • Make sure PlayFitt has access to your Motion & Fitness tracker. Follow these steps to turn it on.
Important Note: Stair count may vary depending on model of iPhone.

What is movement break?

In order to complete this mission:

  • All you have to do is stand up and move around a bit each clock hour (the mission resets on the hour). This can include going and getting a glass of water, taking a bathroom break, or doing an active stretch. It is important to remember that it only takes a small number of steps every hour to complete this mission!
  • In order to remind you to take a break, it is helpful to set a reminder on your phone. If you have an iPhone, the automatically downloaded app "Reminders" allows you to receive a notification every hour!
The Benefits:
  • Besides rejuvenating and resetting your body and mind, taking standing breaks from sitting has many other benefits. These include, but are not limited to: improving your bone and heart health, maximizing your brainpower, reducing your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, boosting your metabolism, and improving your posture.
  • Not only does it have incredible health benefits, but taking breaks from sitting can also improve your productivity, creativity, energy, and overall mood.